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Do you have a watch that is in need of a crown replacement or repair? A watch crown replacement is typically an easy job to do, but it’s important to recognize that your watch needs one. You don’t want to be looking at your wrist for the time to realize the time is stopped.

Take a look at this article to find out everything you need to know about watch crown replacement and repair in the ultimate guide here.

Watch Crown Replacement Ultimate Guide

Replacing the button, stem, and crown on your watch is a routine job that happens more than just when your watch breaks. If you need to reset your watch after daylight savings time, you will need to change the stem and button. If it breaks, you’ll have to replace them both.

The crown on the watch is the knob that is located on either the right side or left side of the watch face. It’s the knob that you turn to set the time. Attached to the knob is a stem that connects the knob to the internal parts of the watch.

Scenarios Where You’ll Need to Replace Watch Parts

There are a variety of scenarios that can occur that cause your watch parts to need replacement.

Water Damage

If your watch isn’t waterproof, and you wear it and get it wet, it could cause internal parts and parts on your watch face to become rusty. Rusted parts on the outside almost always lead to internal rusting.

If the stem is too rusty and it breaks, the watch crown falls off and needs replacement.

Lack of Care

Another reason the stem and crown break on watches is that people don’t realize how delicate watch parts are. They wear them in situations where they shouldn’t be. They accidentally bang them into a wall or doorway, and the piece breaks or falls off.

Faulty Parts

Another reason the crown and stem may break is due to the fact you may have just received a lemon. Getting a faulty part is rare, but it does happen. Often times, watch manufacturers replace these faulty parts for you, free of charge.


Your watch, like any other technology or accessory, ages. Over time, the parts become less sturdy and in greater need of replacement.

Watch Crown Repair

If you’re experiencing any one of these conditions and you’re unable to set your watch, it’s likely you need to have a watch crown replacement.

Replacement can be done at home if you’re careful and know what steps to follow. If you have any doubt about it, think about bringing it to a specialty shop that will do it for you. This helps you avoid any error that may occur during replacement, keeping it clean and free from dust on the inside.

If you’re interested in replacement parts or would like to speak to an expert watch mechanic, reach out to us for help today!