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Did you know that the Hamilton Ventura was the world’s first battery-powered wristwatch?

Since it’s release in 1957, battery-powered watches have come to dominate the market, particular after the release of the first quartz wristwatch more than a decade later.

Today, many modern wristwatches still use the same quartz design, powered by a single battery, but how long should a watch battery last?

Read on as we take a look at all you need to know about watch battery life.

How Long Should a Watch Battery Last in a New Watch?

It’s an interesting fact that the watch battery that comes installed with your new watch is likely to last longer than any battery you replace it with.

That’s because the age of your watch has a significant impact on the life of the battery inside it. A brand-new watch has a brand-new movement that is in peak condition. Over time, that movement will degrade, and your watch battery will have to work harder to keep your watch going. The older your watch gets, the more strain it will put on the battery inside it.

The first battery in your watch should last at least two years, but could last as long as four or five years if it’s a high-quality battery in a well-built watch. You shouldn’t expect that same lifespan from any subsequent batteries, however.

How Do You Know When It’s Time to Change Your Watch Battery?

There are often tell-tale signs that your watch battery is no longer up to the job. Some of these indications will depend on the type of watch that you have.

The common signs that your watch battery needs changing include:

  • your watch stopping completely
  • your watch losing time
  • your watch gaining time
  • the second hand jumping more than one second at a time
  • the second hand not moving at all
  • the LCD display being faint or not showing
  • the backlight no longer functioning

If you are experiencing any of these issues, then it’s likely that you’ll need to replace the watch battery.

How Long Will a Replacement Watch Battery Last?

As we have already discussed, even the very best watch battery won’t last as long as the original battery that came with the watch. The older the watch that needs the replacement battery, the shorter its life will be.

If you buy a high-quality watch battery from a reputable brand, then you should still get a decent amount of life from the battery, however. You can expect 18 months to a year of battery life if you put a good replacement battery into a quality watch. Cheap, low-quality batteries are unlikely to give you the same lifespan, so in the long run can end up costing you more since they need to be replaced so often.

If you want your watch to keep running smoothly, it’s best to go for a high-quality branded watch battery that can offer high performance.

What Can Affect Watch Battery Life?

You don’t want to be buying watch batteries every few months. There are some factors that can impact how long your watch battery will last.

Let’s take a look at some of the most important.

Watches Packed With Features

Just as there are many types of watch batteries, there are many types of watches. It’s no surprise that the more features your watch has, the more drain there will be on your battery.

If your watch is a standard quartz wristwatch that shows the time and date, then the drain on your battery will be minimal, and your watch battery should provide you a good lifespan. However, if your watch includes an LCD or digital display, or has other features such as backlighting or alarms, then all of these features will put additional strain on your battery.

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t buy a watch that is packed with features; just be aware that you’ll probably need to replace your watch battery more often than with other types of watches.

Contact With Water

Electricity and water are never a good mix.

Many watches offer some level of water resistance or water proofing. If you exceed the limits of this protection, and water does get into your watch, this can have a serious impact on the lifespan of your battery. Even the highest rated waterproof watches can get damaged seals that allow some water to enter.

If you see moisture in the case of your watch, you should take it to be looked at as soon as possible. A good watch specialist will be able to dry it out and replace any seals that are allowing water to enter your watch.

It may be the case that you will need to replace your watch battery at the same time, if water has reached this far.

The Age of Your Watch

As has already been mentioned, the age of your watch will impact battery life.

If your watch is old, and you’re getting poor battery life, you may need to take the watch to be repaired. There may be problems with the movement that are forcing the battery to work too hard. Repairs to your watch could fix these issues, and extend the life of your next replacement watch battery.

Are You Looking for a Replacement Watch Batteries?

How long should a watch battery last? Hopefully, this article has given you some idea of the life you can expect out of your watch battery.

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