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Luxury watches make up a nearly $7 billion industry globally. When it’s time to shop for the best watch, it’s important that you look into the different watch movements available.

Watch movement refers to the “engine” that makes the watch run so that it can function and tell time. There are several watch movement types that you can look into when making a purchase, and each has its own nuances that you need to observe.

Understand how the watch movement comes into play by considering the points below.

Consider the Best Watch Movement Types

There are numerous watch movement types that are included when you check the specs of any watch. You need to study the different types of watch movements available so that you can shop for the best fit.

Here are a few of the main watch movements that you’ll find:

Automatic Movements

This is the type of watch movement that is sought after by plenty of horologists and watch aficionados. The automatic watch movement is a style that is generated by the motion of the watch wearer. When you wear a watch that has an automatic movement, it has a rotor that winds up the mainspring of the watch, which is how it generates power.

The rotor is able to spin based on the natural act of wearing the watch on your wrist. Once you’re wearing it, you don’t have to think about how it’s generating power, as the watch does the rest on its own. People also purchase watch winders, which automatically spin the watch when you’re not wearing it, so that it’s ready to go once you’re ready to sport it on your wrist.

Mechanical Movements

A mechanical watch differs from an automatic watch because you have to wind it up on your own. You’ll turn the watch clockwise and will allow it to do its work after. This style of watch movement has been around since the 1500s, and it comes in wide varieties, from wristwatches to pocket watches.

You’ll be able to get access to watches from different manufacturers in the mechanical variety, whether you’re looking for a daily wear or a luxury watch.

Quartz Movements

This watch movement revolutionized watchmaking and horology once it came out in the 1970s. The quartz crystal, along with an included battery, gave people the chance to keep accurate time all day. Quartz movements also did away with the need to wind the watch, whether manually or automatically.

Quartz movement watches are more durable, efficient, and give you access to time on your terms. These movements are powered by a battery, which sends electric pulses circuits until it reaches the crystal. This powers the motor and the hands and will allow you to get accuracy with time.

Swiss Movements

Swiss watches are the creme de la creme of watches for many people. Some of the best watches in the world are Swiss, and you’ll appreciate the accuracy and efficiency of the movement.

These movements are popularly used for luxury watches and are examined by testing institutes that explain the accuracy and the results that you get. When you purchase a watch that claims it’s Swiss-Made, make sure that you check the credentials and learn where it was manufactured, and by which experts.

Japanese Movements

Japanese movements are also some of the most popular forms of watch movements in the world. Japanese movements come in a variety of styles, including automatic, mechanical, and quartz. These movements are known for their quality and will give you high marks in terms of quality and reliability.

These watches are durable and known to last for years when they’re properly maintained.

Search for the Right Watch Batteries

If you’re going to purchase a watch that’ll serve you, it’s important that you find the correct battery. Here are some tips that you’ll want to keep in mind when you need to buy a watch battery:

  • Recognize the signs that your battery is dying – such as stopping, lagging, and not keeping the right time
  • Check with your instruction manual to find the exact type of battery you need
  • Work with a watch shop that has a watch press
  • Get a warranty for any battery that you purchase
  • Make certain that your watch parts don’t get misplaced during the change
  • Choose batteries that are long-lasting
  • Find out how long the watch can be subject to hot temperatures

Do your due diligence and find the help of watch pros that can assist you with any sort of battery replacement that you’re looking for.

Take the Best Care of Your Watch

As you study watch movements, you’ll find different steps for taking care of your watch. Invest in cases, watch winders, cleaning cloths, and other accessories that’ll help you get the best from the watch. Look into accessories like new straps that will help you mix and match these different styles.

Invest in a maintenance plan for your watch so that you’re keeping the watch movement as accurate as possible.

Find the Right Watch

The tips above explain the watch movement types that you should keep in mind as you shop. Horology is an excellent hobby that you’ll love when you get to know it in detail.

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