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If you’re reading this article, chances are you are a part of the nearly $93 billion watch industry movement. Even if you have a collection of luxury watches, all fine jewelry needs timely care.

Proper watch care does more than prevent a broken watch. Unique and luxury watches might appreciate. This is especially so for vintage watches.

So, if you enjoy investing in luxury watches, invest in learning the importance of watch maintenance. Watch care does more than keep you off the phone to tell time.

With these expert watch care tips, your watch might help initiate fruitful conversations. Or maybe break the ice for meeting your future husband or wife.

So, wind your way into this article. In the end, you’ll understand how to care for that valuable work of art on your wrist. And you’ll learn why you shouldn’t throw out that watch box.

Why Watch Care Matters

Besides ensuring you can tell time, watch care extends your watch’s life. For example, proper watch maintenance for quartz watches can lead to a 30-year watch life.

Timely watch care can save you money in the long run. But watch maintenance helps maintain a watch’s optimum performance. So, consider this expense compared to the $7 billion industry for the luxury watches movement.

Routine watch care is still essential, even if your watch is fully functional. Over time, vital watch parts like pins wear down. Unchecked pins, like for ETA watch movements, can ruin other watch components.

So, treat your watch like fine jewelry with these ten watch maintenance tips:

  1. Watch care cleaning
  2. Routine watch maintenance appointments
  3. Careful watch placements
  4. Avoid liquids
  5. Don’t bang the watch
  6. Safekeeping watch care
  7. Don’t expose to sunlight
  8. Avoid chemicals
  9. Wind the watch carefully
  10. Carefully install watch straps

Other essential watch maintenance points include knowing how your watch works. Elegant wristwatches like Ronda movements are highly intricate. Explore the manual so you can correctly handle and adjust the watch.

1. Watch Care Cleaning

Don’t underestimate basic and light surface cleaning. A slightly wet linen cloth can serve as effective watch maintenance. Just like we have to wash our bodies from bacteria, the same is true for watches.

If watches accumulate dust, particles, or bacteria without attention, they can seep inside. This can interfere with your watch’s performance or lead to a broken watch.

The caveat is to make sure your watch is water-resistant or waterproof. Excess moisture can lead to your watch’s early demise.

2. Routine Watch Maintenance Appointments

The best way to prevent a broken watch is to work on it before it breaks. Owners of luxury watches should receive watch care from the dealer or seller.

For regular watch owners, try to pick reputable watch maintenance shops. Negligent watch care might cause it to break.

You can view our Renta accessories if your Renta movement requires a new battery. In addition, preventive watch care can identify future problems and save money.

3. Careful Watch Placements

Some watches are more sensitive than others. Getting to know your watch helps you to understand what to avoid. For example, most watches don’t handle magnets well.

Mechanical movements are especially vulnerable to magnets. As a result, professional watch repairers may have to remove the magnetism. You’re invited to check our LCD display testers for your watch care services.

Magnets not only interfere with the winding but can also prematurely wear down its parts. Carefully placing your watch helps to avoid dust and harmful germs on its surface.

4. Avoid Liquids

It’s standard for today’s watches to be water-resistant. There are special brands that are waterproof as well. However, traditional watches shouldn’t come in contact with liquids.

Water and liquids can seep inside and lead to a broken watch. Also, be careful when handling the watch. Hand oils and residue can permeate the watch’s protective surface.

5. Don’t Bang the Watch

Consider your wristwatch a piece of art. Mindless banging or clanking of the watch can crack the protective surface. Or worse, it can break exterior and interior parts.

6. Safekeeping Watch Care

When you are not using your watch, cover it. Watches, especially luxury watches, come with special watch cases. These watch cases prevent unwanted liquid, dust, and materials from getting in.

Using protective cases, avoiding liquids, and not banging the watch can help it live a full life.

7. Don’t Expose to Sunlight

Except for solar-powered watches, some watches don’t handle sunlight well. This is because sunlight and high temperatures wear down your watch’s protective coating.

Likewise, excessively cold temperatures can speed up the watch’s winding. And in some cases, like Quartz movements, it can deteriorate the inner circuits.

8. Avoid Chemicals

Watches don’t handle chemical exposure well. Simple cleaning products and cooking can result in broken watches. Body sprays can be harmful as well. Signs of chemical damage are found on the band or steel plating.

9. Wind the Watch Carefully

It’s not a good practice to wind watches on your wrist. This method might apply undue pressure on sensitive watch parts. Excess pressure can break vital watch parts, leading to a broken watch.

Primary watch care means keeping your watch wound. However, unwound watches might lead to a build-up of excess moisture and grime. This permanent build-up negates watch maintenance.

10. Carefully Install Watch Straps

If your watch needs new straps or you want to upgrade, let a professional replace it. There’s a science for replacing a watch’s band. Doing so incorrectly can scratch the plates or damage the pins.

You can read our blog about the importance of watch bands.

More on Watch Care

From luxury watches to smartwatches, watch care is a necessary investment. Having watch insurance factors highly in watch maintenance. Insuring your watch comes in handy for a broken watch.

Please browse our shop page for elegant Quartz and Ronda movements. And if you’re selling watches, we have the ultimate watch movement guide. Don’t forget to check out our jewelry displays to display your fine jewelry.

And don’t hesitate to contact us for more on watch care and fine jewelry. Our blog celebrates luxury watches. You can also read up on the importance of watch maintenance.