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If you’re into your herology then you’ll likely not only be into fixing and repairing your own watch, but those of potential clients and customers. There are thousands of different tools and tricks for repairing your watch. Some are nothing but essential. From a simple tune-up to major repairs these tools are a must in any Watch Repair Kit, whether you’re just starting out in your own fledgling business or like maintaining your own timepieces. You want to make sure you get the right kit, otherwise, you could damage other peoples’ property and hurt your business outlook.

Dust Blower

Being able to clear out the dust and grime with a good dust blower can work wonders for a watch. If dust gets into the cogs or gears it can cause all kinds of problems. They’re sometimes mistaken for the kind of tool you use for general service, but they can be really useful when looking to repair a specific problem too. Amateurs will sometimes just blow on the watch, but experts know that doing this can damage the innards of your watch by contaminating parts with moisture. Again, you need to be selective in what kind of blower you buy. Some use multiple types varying in power. Certain watch parts don’t cope well under intense power from a dust blower so make sure you use the right one for the right part, or if you’re new to it and not sure, use a low power one.


Case Opener

To get inside and do whatever needs to be done to keep the watch in working order you need to have the means to do so. Some people use a flat-bladed knife or even a stronger pair of tweezers. However, it can be best to buy a proper case opener. Some come with different prongs for different kinds of cases. The trick is to open it evenly, to not over-leverage it on one end or the other. To do it right, you’re better to buy a good, approved one than use something at hand. It’s also right to do some research on the brand before attempting to open it. They all have little changes and differences. Knowing what kind of case you’ll need to open before you open it makes it much easier.

Storage Trays

When you’re fixing watches for a career, you can end up with so many different parts on the go you’ll need some kind of storage or cataloging system to ensure you don’t mix them up. You won’t have happy customers if you’ve mixed up parts. It can cause you a lot of time if you mix things up, or even more money if you insert the wrong part into a watch and damage it. People do it differently. But at least use something with a lid to stop dust and other debris getting onto your parts.


Essential for all small movements and placements. They come in different sizes and styles, and having a varied selection is always good for your Repair Kit. You may need to get a plastic one too if you’re playing around with watches that use quartz movements. Make sure you buy ones that have a good grip. Sometimes, during long work sessions, palms can get sweaty making grip a problem. You can get around this by buying quality tweezers with a good, sweat negating grip.


Some parts in a watch are tiny, minute even. Whether they’re gears or springs, sometimes looking with the naked eye isn’t good enough. More to the point, doing so can be bad for your eyes. Getting a good eyeglass can help negate the problem. Again, buying quality pays off, so make sure you use one that has a variable zoom. Without one, you might end up trying to find the perfect distance from the watch and your eye, which could end up being really uncomfortable. Finding the right eyeglasses can be a pain because everyone is different and you need one to fit your eye. Make sure you read the reviews and check the sizing guide in detail before parting with cash.


These need to be selected properly because they can damage the watch or watch screws if you go for one that’s been shoddily made. Try to stay clear of the really cheap ones. Instead, go for something swiss made such as Bergeon. If you’re going to be working on specific, large screw timepieces you may want to invest in a larger blade, otherwise, stick with the main four, you’ll just be wasting money otherwise as you’ll hardly use it.