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If you’ve managed to acquire a large collection of jewelry you’ll know that it can sometimes be a pain to clean. Cleaning it down with solution is one way of going around it, but there are other, less hands-on ways you can clean your jewelry. Ultrasonic cleaners used to be a rarity, now you can find them in most jewelry stores. The best jewelry cleaners. But how do they actually work? They’re nowhere near as complicated as they used to be. Here you can find out how they work and whether it would be right for you to use one.

Price Point

It all depends on what you want a jewelry cleaner for. If it’s for your own personal use, then you can get a decent one for around $60. If you’re going for something more industrial, the price will scale up accordingly. Whatever you do, don’t get one that’s too cheap with a little proven track record. You might think you’re getting a bargain, but you could end up ruining your jewelry permanently. Before you buy the cleaner, make sure you read the reviews from similar users. If you buy a cheaper one extensive use might wear it out. The best option is in going to a reputable jeweler who has the knowledge and experience to do it for you. Do your research and you can save yourself some time and money, not to mention the potential to ruin something that means a lot to you.

What It Is

The cleaner will use ultrasonic waves to clean whatever you place into the device, mainly jewelry and other metal-based items. With the waves and chemicals, your jewelry can come out looking better than new. Dirt will be cleansed away, tarnishes will be buffed out and leave it looking finely polished. Because the cleaning is water-based, it’ll reach places that manual cloth cleaning simply cannot reach. The cleaner can also remove grease and oil from the metal, just remember, this machine is intended for quality, proper metal, not cheaper items which it could permanently damage. Be careful what you put inside because you could damage the cleaner as well as your jewelry. Certain items just aren’t suitable for a cleaner. These can include gemstones, as well as bright and colorful jewelry such as charm effects. Colors can be reduced.

Top Tips For Use

First, you’re going to need a good pair of rubber gloves. The chemicals you use can be quite dangerous. Especially if you have sensitive skin or any conditions. Then, depending on the cleaner you’ve bought, you need to adjust the settings. Usually, the dirtier the item the longer it’ll need to be in the basket for cleaning. If you’re unsure, put it on for a short amount of time and then if it needs to go on for longer adjust. It’s better doing it this way than leaving it on for a long time and ruining it. Then, you need to clear the bubbled, there should be an option on the control panel for this. Pop the jewelry into the basket, just make sure it’s not touching the base of the ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. Make sure your jewelry isn’t clumped up, ensure its spaced out. When you’re done, rinse with cold water and enjoy your new jewelry. Don’t let young children use it either. The temptation might be there if you’ve bought your young daughter jewelry and might want to clean it, but the chemicals can be dangerous. Better safe than sorry.

Is It Worth It

It depends. Do you have a lot of jewelry that you use often? If people in your household use jewelry too it can be worth it. You need to think about how often you’ll want to be cleaning it. Will it need it often? If you wear jewelry to work, and you work somewhere that can be dusty or grimy then an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner can make sure they stay in good condition. The benefit is that it really doesn’t take too long to do. It can also save you money in the long run because you’ll be able to clean jewelry yourself instead of having to pay someone to do it for you. The key is understanding the machine and getting the best out of it. Spend a little time reading the manual and learning how to use it properly before jumping into it. If you only have a few items of jewelry because you don’t often use it then you might want to skip out on this bit of kit.